Jeff Rogers

NYC by Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers

I worked with Jeff Rogers and the other team members at SpotCo this summer. His lettering is incredibly solid, and he just released a great print for any NYC lover.

Jeff Rogers on Big CartelJeff’s portfolio

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006 – Cloth to keep you warm.

I had some designs printed up on shirts. Check them out and pick them up over here:

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005 – Someone Else Printing

Sometimes due to economical reasons you just have to let someone else print your work. It’s strange handing off the reins to another printer, trusting them to mix the proper color and print it with tight registration. But, when deadlines are short and they are needed on a different continent sometimes it’s just easier that way. The Tallest Man On Earth should have posters for the remainder of their European tour!

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004 – New jazz soon

I’m swamped right now, deep in the trenches of school and freelance, but new posters will be here soon. Just need to take a few hours to put together the photos/info. Also, I’ll be cutting back on gig posters and focusing more on regular prints for the rest of the year. More news soon.

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A few printing videos

Here are two videos that I took a year or two ago of me printing.

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Old Junk Posters

After printing a poster, I go through and pick out all of the screw ups. Now most people tear these in half right away, I’d assume that’s the proper way to get rid of them insuring that they never make it out to the public. Personally, I don’t. They end up in a (quickly growing) stack under my bed, and I’ve never really had a plan for them.

When Niclas, the Tallest Man on Earth manager came to me with a few questions about a web store where people could buy the shirts they sold thousands of on tour, I had an idea. He knew that I shipped my own posters and he also turned down many offers from some of the bigger band fulfillment centers because he wanted to keep in a small network of people that he had already worked with. I offered to use the system that I have in place and handle all of the orders and shipping from the online store. After accepting, thrilled that we had found a solution the shirts were ordered and delivered.

I realized that no one would know the difference between if these were sent from one of the big warehouses or a tiny Brooklyn apartment. I pulled out the stack of goofed up TTMOE posters and realized that if I cut them in to small squares I could stamp and attach labels to each shirt giving it a bit of a personal touch. Each shirt would have a different part of a poster that was originally designed for the band. Below are some picture of the process. The online store is here: The designs were done by me and the first 20 orders will also receive a vinyl sticker.

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Screens ‘N’ Spokes OPENING!

Come one, come all! One of my favorite events of the year is about to happen. TOMORROW! Saturday Saturday Saturday! September 11th 2010! Screens ‘N’ Spokes will open up their yearly show of posters at Mugshots Coffee (21st and Fairmount) in Philadelphia! I, along with 19 or so other designers will have their work proudly displayed on the wall starting at 6:30 tomorrow! The best part? You can buy it! Great posters, for a great cause. Read up more about it on their blog!

If you can make it to the opening say hello, I’ll be there. If you can’t, the prints will be online in the next week or so!


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Screens ‘N’ Spokes

Sam from Screens ‘N’ Spokes invited me back to this years event. This is color one and two of four.

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003 – New prints

Hey everyone,

See a new print that you’re hoping to pick up, but can’t find the add to cart button? Everything that I have stock of will be released Friday at 3pm eastern time


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002 – Changes

You probably noticed that your on a whole new site to view and buy prints. If not, then this post isn’t for you. I came to discover that there was a bit of separation needed between my design work and the prints that I do.

I’m going to school for design / advertising and the prints are really just a side project. For a long time I didn’t want to link anyone to my design “portfolio” because it wasn’t that at all. It was really a site with outdated work and a ton of prints. Which although the prints are “designed” they just didn’t represent what I was doing in school and as a freelancer. Also, although the mash-up of big cartel (the store) indexhibit (the actual script driving the main website) and wordpress (the blog) worked, I had a feeling there was a better way. Now everything is under one hood (wordpress).

When you look at a poster, if it’s available there is an option to add it to your cart. All payments are still received through paypal, but everything else is in one central location.

It has taken me quite a bit of time to accomplish this, and it’s fair to say that I made a lot of design compromises as I was deeper in the project. However, if I find that this isn’t functioning as I had hoped, I will get started on the next redesign right away.

My design portfolio is still online, but in a different format and under a different name. It can be found tearing through a different inter web neighborhood under the name Conductor Design. It just gives me a bit more freedom to expand and do new things with other people without having my name directly tied to it.

The first question I’m expecting to be asked is, “Well now are you going to have three different emails for me to keep track of?” No, I’m still Mark Forsman, so my current email, will remain.

Other than that, look for more blog updates, cool stuff coming up, and thank you all for your support.

With love,

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