Old Junk Posters

After printing a poster, I go through and pick out all of the screw ups. Now most people tear these in half right away, I’d assume that’s the proper way to get rid of them insuring that they never make it out to the public. Personally, I don’t. They end up in a (quickly growing) stack under my bed, and I’ve never really had a plan for them.

When Niclas, the Tallest Man on Earth manager came to me with a few questions about a web store where people could buy the shirts they sold thousands of on tour, I had an idea. He knew that I shipped my own posters and he also turned down many offers from some of the bigger band fulfillment centers because he wanted to keep in a small network of people that he had already worked with. I offered to use the system that I have in place and handle all of the orders and shipping from the online store. After accepting, thrilled that we had found a solution the shirts were ordered and delivered.

I realized that no one would know the difference between if these were sent from one of the big warehouses or a tiny Brooklyn apartment. I pulled out the stack of goofed up TTMOE posters and realized that if I cut them in to small squares I could stamp and attach labels to each shirt giving it a bit of a personal touch. Each shirt would have a different part of a poster that was originally designed for the band. Below are some picture of the process. The online store is here: http://ttmoe.bigcartel.com The designs were done by me and the first 20 orders will also receive a vinyl sticker.

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